2 Hellcats TROLL C7 Z06 Corvette On The Freeway!

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TWO Hellcats TROLL C7 Z06 Corvette On The Freeway! Hellcats Flybye and ...

TWO Hellcats TROLL C7 Z06 Corvette On The Freeway! Hellcats Flybye and then  eat the Vette for a late night snack !!!

The SRT® Hellcat is out of the proverbial bag. 707 horsepower. Has a nice ring to it. And it has a bite that you won’t believe. Power. Period. End of discussion. A red key unlocks the full potential of this American dream. Once you hear the power, there’s no turning back. Unleash the beast.


A driver’s car with no equal
Z06 is a true world-class supercar. Conceived on the track and engineered alongside the C7.R race car, Z06 features a lightweight and rigid aluminum space frame, as well as a supercharged 6.2L aluminum V8 engine delivering 650 horsepower and 650 lb.-ft. of torque.

Fans of American muscle will love the video below. Here we have a Corvette Z06 Stingray taking on a Challenger Hellcat in the rolling race. The two are on the highway so there’s plenty of room to run. Now the Z06 Stingray doesn’t pack as much power as the Challenge Hellcat but is lighter, as in almost 1,000 pounds lighter. Enjoy!

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